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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

the evolution of a shape

The evolution of a shape

I thought I would show three boxes that I have made recently, these boxes show how I prefer to work by slightly altering the shape and design of each box from the previous box. 

Essentially I look at the first box and take the parts of the box I really like and try to incorporate them into the next box.

This olivewood box was the first box that I made
I liked the shape of the concave base and thought it could repeat and work well for a stacking box.
olivewood box

olivewood box

This pear wood box was next and although i really like it i had made each section bigger than the previous by 5mm in height and I wanted to try a smaller increment to see how that looked.
pear wood box

this ash box is the last one I have made, this box has an odd number of sections and has 3mm increments
ash box

I hope you can see how I prefer to work not just with boxes but anything I make on the lathe. 
I know some makers sketch or do detailed drawings first but I prefer to see the item, try to understand what it is I do and do not like, then make alterations with the next one I make.

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