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Thursday, 8 November 2012

A morning out at log yard

Hello folks

I'm running short of green wood/logs- I normally have between 3 and 4 tonnes but just lately I've only had a couple at best! so today it was off to one of my friendly tree surgeons yards to see what he had in stock.

Here's a few pics of the yard

I found an Ash tree which by the looks of it had been here/there a few years, I took a small limb which was alongside the main trunk. I cut a couple of inches of the end of a log and the heart wood had some lovely olive figureing.
in these next few pics you can see the main trunk which I've tagged for a latter date and the aftermath of me cutting the smaller logs. 

here are the logs that i collected today- plus around 6 hollow forms blanks (not pictured) which i cut whilst i was at the yard