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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Eccentric woodturning chuck

Eccentric woodturning chuck

I have been interested in eccentric turning for quite some time now but have never took the plunge. That changed recently when a friend of mine Richard Findley posted a picture on his instagram of an eccentric pattern that he had made using the axminister eccentric spiralling chuck.

So here is my first few goes with the chuck and initial thoughts.

The instructions provided with the chuck are useless but thankfully there is a YouTube video showing its basic principle so that was where I started.

after watching the video I thought that it was going to be tiresome to keep removing the chuck and undoing the allen key, but it wasn't that bad with each one of the following examples taking about 10 minutes to complete. 

After screwing on a scrap piece of wood my first try was with an offcut of black and white ebony which was glued to the scrap.

1st try

1st try

my next try was a little different as I put a smaller deeper pattern in the middle then a shallower pattern around the outside

after the first stage

next I tried a piece of olivewood
I have enjoyed using the chuck and think that i will use it on the top of turned boxes.