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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

starting over

Starting over

hello folks, I know that this blog has been inactive for a long time but just recently I have felt the need to write more or should I say.. say more than what I do on my social media accounts.

I really enjoy being in my workshop, (especially in the winter months) just the radio and the lathe is a perfect way to spend the hours, but with this time comes isolation, sometimes I don't leave my home/workshop for days at a time and I don't speak to anyone except my wife and daughter for weeks.

woodturning workshop
Turning an oak bowl

So when I go to write something on my Facebook page or on a woodturning forum I struggle to know what to say and find myself just saying the bare minimum to show the latest piece of work that I have made.

I wonder whether this makes people think that I am arrogant or somehow above the norm? as I don't tend to get the same level of interaction on my accounts that other people seem to get.
That really is not the case and I think its just a lack of practice I suppose and a fear of saying the wrong thing.

So I have decided to write again on this blog and get some practice!! as well as showing or talking about what I have been making or what problems I have been having.