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Sunday, 19 August 2012

New website shop page

Hello folks

I have decided to set up a small shop area on my website

I will be selling my own Hybrid resin cast blanks in three sizes: pen blanks, bottle stopper/shaving brush blanks and my most popular box blanks.

Salmon gum burr pen blanks

Box blanks

Burr oak bottle stopper/shaving brush handle blank

I will also be selling my own hand made hollowing tools- these are simple tools similar to the Ellsworth/Oland style of tools- ideally suited to hollowing thru small openings and also ideal for the beginner who wants to try hollowing but cant justify the expense yet of a dedicated captive ring tool. These will be added soon.

I will also be stocking a small range of Berea hardwood pen kits which will be added soon also.

Mini pine cone pen with a Chrome Berea Atrax fountain pen pictured with a similar mini pine cone blank

So please visit my shop at